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      Special offer of the month:

      Now available in excellent condition!
      Mercedes-Benz C220 SE Automatic Ex
      👉 Color: Tenorite Grey
      👉 Approved used
      👉 Year: 06/2016
      👉 Interior: Artico leather black



      Anniversary offer at Frantzis Group!

      35 years ago, a great journey began.

      Today, a pioneering Group of Companies with vision and dedication to the high level of service in the sale of new and used cars, authorized aftersales service of Mercedes-Benz and land development.

      We celebrate and offer anniversary gifts!

      Customers with our company frames on their car can call 7000 7001 to receive our anniversary gifts.

      35 years of Frantzis Group!

      We strongly continue … we thank you!


      Please see our celebration promo video:


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